How My Family Unwinds After a Long Day

*Disclosure: My family received products from Adagio Teas to try out in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are of our own.

Being a family of six, our days can be pretty busy. From Larry’s and my being working parents to the kids going to school, extracurricular activities for the kids, errands to run, appointments to keep, church services to attend, fun places to visit, and anything else that keeps my family outside the home, our days can be pretty long. Some of the outside activities are enjoyable, while some you wish you didn’t have to do. Either way, it’s a pleasure to return back home. Continue reading


A Bedtime Routine that Works for My Family

I’m normally a stickler when it comes to routines in my home. I established them for my children from the time they were babies, so that’s been 14 years. I do allow some flexibility in our schedule, when appropriate. Children need routines because it helps their day flow easier and they know what to expect. It helps keep our family life a bit organized and prevent chaos. I also find that children perform better when they have predictability and consistency in their lives. In addition, it helps children feel more secure, and they learn self-care and how to be responsible. I can see how these skills are still present in my children as they’ve grown older. As for us parents, having order helps keep our sanity. Continue reading

Winter Science Activities for Kids

My family is looking forward to another snow day. The kids are hoping for another day off from school, and I want another day off from work to spend more time with the kids, doing fun things at home! Snow days are perfect for staying in our pj’s, cuddling up on the sofa watching movies, and drinking hot cocoa. If I have all the ingredients available, I like to make a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and/or bake a sweet treat with the kiddies. During one of our snow days in early January, we played board games, and the girls worked on some DIY projects. Because it was right after the Christmas break, Ayden was still excited about his new toys and spent extra time playing with them.   Continue reading

Ayden’s Favorite Exhibits at the Please Touch Museum

My family has been visiting the Please Touch Museum for 13 years now — since Donté was a toddler. It was our go-to place for year-round fun because my kids were able to be themselves. They would smile as we walked towards the museum’s front doors. When we first started going, it was at their old location in Center City. Only Ayden and I go now because the older kids outgrew this children’s museum. Continue reading

Ayden’s “Snow” Art

Ayden has been learning a lot about snow through playing in it, making snow ice cream, looking at winter picture cards, and reading books. To extend his learning about the white, fluffy stuff, I thought it would be nice for him to create some artwork.  His sisterMikayla loves arts and crafts just as much as he does and was more than happy to supervise all the activities. She is such a great help! All these activities build fine motor, language, and cognitive skills. Check out the fun he had! Continue reading

Why I Allow My Four-year-old to Stay Up Late on Weekends

Ayden is so adorable when he is sleeping, and I find myself staring at him and kissing those cheeks of his some nights after he falls asleep, but wait a minute! Don’t I have a blog I want to get done before I turn in for the night? Yup! The truth is, though, I’m too tired to even do it! I’d rather get up early in the morning and write while I’m freshly awake, after having that cup of hot coffee first. I can think better after a good night’s sleep and will manage to get more writing done because of it. Instead of working on my next blog after Ayden goes to sleep, I work on tasks that don’t take much thought and energy, whether it’s blog- or personal-related. Continue reading

Under the Sea at Adventure Aquarium

Living in Philadelphia makes us very close to the Camden Waterfront where Adventure Aquarium is located. My family has been visiting for years and there’s always something new to learn and discover on each visit. Adventure Aquarium has a total of two million gallons of water that features over 8,500 aquatic species in their unique exhibits. It has the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark. It’s the only aquarium in the world to have hippos exhibited and one of six facilities in the United States to have Little Blue penguins as permanent residents. Another unique exhibit is the Shark Bridge – it is the longest bridge of its kind in the world! When we visit the aquarium, it’s usually for a few hours. We’re not able to explore the entire aquarium in one visit because there’s so much to see and do. Here’s a sample of some of the exhibits we enjoyed during our visits. We look forward to going back to experience more of what the Aquarium offers! Continue reading