Ayden’s Fall Art

Ayden loves to do various art activities – his favorite is painting. Here is a collection of the art he did this fall.

Pumpkin Patch


Ayden used the bottom of a K-cup to make the pumpkins.

Fall Tree


Ayden used wine corks to make the leaves and sun.

Apple Tree


Ayden used balled up paper towel for the tree and made fingerprints to create the apples.

Falling Leaves Tree


Ayden used toilet paper tubes for the falling leaves.

Sun, Apples, & Grass


This painting was Ayden’s idea and he named it! He used wine corks for this painting.

Mosaic Fall Tree


Mikayla did this piece of art with Ayden. She taught him how to create a mosaic tree. She drew an outline of a tree; showed and helped him tear up paper; and they glued the pieces of paper on the tree outline. They both enjoyed this activity!

What kind of arts and crafts do your kid(s) enjoy doing?



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