The Spirit of Christmas at Busch Gardens

If you are looking for a fun opportunity to get your family into the Christmas spirit, you should consider a trip to Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg, VA. The amusement park is decorated with millions of twinkling lights that make everything look magical. Throughout certain areas of the park you are entertained with Christmas carols and music that reminds you of why you celebrate Christmas. Even on a cold winter’s night, you can feel the coziness and warmth. You will be happy to see your kids smile and hear them shriek with excitement. And that kid inside of you is bound to come back to life after decorating cookies or riding on a carousel. If you have a special someone in your life, the love you share is sure to be ignited!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk in a Winter Wonderland? Do you like to make special memories for your family so you will have something to talk about every Christmas season for years to come? All of these experiences, and more, can be a dream come true when visiting Busch Gardens Christmas Town!

Busch Gardens is one of my family’s favorite amusement parks. We have been there quite a few times in the last four years because we enjoy having summer vacations in Williamsburg, VA. Our very first trip to Busch Gardens as a family was to Christmas Town four years ago, in November 2013. Because of its Christmas magic, we’ve been going there ever since. We haven’t been back for Christmas, but we did plan to go in November 2014. We weren’t able to go because of family circumstances that led us to cancel our trip two days prior to leaving. My family was quite sad about it because we were packed and ready to go. And because we wanted others to experience Christmas Town, we invited another family to join us that time. None of us could go because the situation affected all of us. Even though we missed Christmas Town that year, we made our way back to Busch Gardens during the summer.


As fall approached this year, we thought we would go this winter and were in the planning stage, but unfortunately, Larry’s back went out recently and even though he’s back on his feet, he has to move forward with caution — doctor’s orders! Hopefully, we will find ourselves back at Christmas Town next year because my kids have been yearning to go and I really want to feel what I felt four years ago, something I never felt in an amusement park! I will tell you more about that in a bit. Hang tight!

Busch Gardens is already a beautiful and fun amusement park during their summer season, so can you imagine what it’s like when it’s transformed to Christmas Town? I’m sorry, but my description probably won’t do it much justice, but I will try. You just have to go and check it out yourself!  No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone — that’s one of the reasons why I love amusement parks.

Rides & Attractions

During the event, the park has many rides available, including family-friendly rides that the younger children can enjoy. Something new for this year is the Sesame Street Forest of Fun is being opened for the holidays. For those of you who are not thrill seekers, riding the train is always relaxing, and what you see along the way is no doubt a sight to behold!

There are some non-ride attractions like the Highland Stables where you get to see beautiful animals and the breathtaking Polar Pathway. Both of these attractions, as well as others, are perfect opportunities for family photos! The attractions change from time to time. For example, when we went, they had a Penguin Palace that we could walk through. Busch Gardens doesn’t have that anymore, but they do have Rudolph’s Winter Wonderland and a new and improved Santa Workshop for families to enjoy!

Christmas Shows

There are various shows that you can attend that will captivate you in such a way that you don’t want them to end. My family was able to see all the shows because our trip to Christmas Town was a holiday weekend getaway! If you can only go for one day, make sure you don’t miss O’Tannenbaum and Gloria! All of the shows we attended were amazing, and they do change their shows every so often. O’Tannenbaum takes place around Busch Gardens’ 50-foot Christmas tree where you will witness a majestic musical light show. For my family, it was the perfect time to sip our holiday hot cocoa.


Gloria! was my favorite show, and it moved me in a way that was unexpected at an amusement park. My reason for going to an amusement park is to have fun, fun, fun! I never expected to feel the presence of baby Jesus at an amusement park while watching a show! It’s something that I can’t explain, but I know what I felt listening to the beautiful songs! Such warmth took me over and I was mesmerized by the angelic sounds of the chorus. This had to be what it was like on the holy night that Christ was born when the angels were singing. I really did not want the show to end! I remember thinking I wanted to hear more of these lovely songs that went into the depths of my soul! I also wondered if anyone else felt what I felt, perhaps it was just for me because I needed it at the time? But I believe the show touched everyone who attended, in some sort of way. Gloria! indeed touched my heart and the Spirit of Christmas is definitely experienced through Busch Gardens Christmas Town.


Flavors of Christmas

Do you enjoy the flavors of Christmas? I sure do! I love the food options that were available for the season. When it comes to treats, they have cookies, kettle corn, churros, funnel cake, and hot cocoa that will satisfy you when you just need something to sip or snack on. When the family is good and hungry, the all-you-can-eat buffet at Dasher’s Diner and the Trappers Smokehouse will take away that growl in your tummy and have you licking your fingers! My family enjoyed dinner at both of those places. I highly recommend both because they provided options for everyone in the family and the food is very tasty.

A plus for Diner’s Dash is the hot cocoa that we didn’t have to pay extra for! Might I add that my family dines at Trappers Smokehouse every time we visit Busch Gardens. Larry and I discovered it years ago when we went with friends, and now it’s our Busch Gardens dining tradition! The food is absolutely delicious! All throughout the park, the aroma of Christmas delicacies filled the air and my family couldn’t help but discuss what we should try for snack and dinner before it was even time to eat. I know that sounds greedy, but that’s okay. Who doesn’t like tasty food?


Holiday Shopping

And, we can’t talk about Christmas without talking about shopping! Busch Gardens Christmas Town is the perfect opportunity to get some holiday shopping done. If you are looking for unique gifts for family and friends, you are bound to find something for everyone on your list. You can start your quest for that one-of-a-kind gift at Mistletoe Marketplace. There you will find handmade gifts displayed by local craft vendors, in hopes that you will fall in love with their items just enough to purchase them for your loved ones. The vendors possess great talent and because of it, you might have hard time choosing what to purchase.

There are plenty of gift shops to browse at Busch Gardens and during the holidays, you will find souvenirs and keepsakes that you wouldn’t normally see in the shops during the summer and fall months. Be prepared to stand in awe when you visit the marketplace and various gift shops because the items are pretty amazing. If your family is looking for hands-on experiences, perhaps you will enjoy dressing up like the Christmas past and taking pictures or maybe get crafty with making pottery.

If you’re looking to feel the love, joy, peace, and happiness that swirl through the world during the holiday season, you are sure to find it at Busch Gardens Christmas Town. If you believe that the real meaning of Christmas is Christ; quality family time is important; it’s better to give than to receive; love, joy, and peace do exist; twinkling lights are magical and remind us of the light that shines within us; and that it is possible to smile for a long period of time, visiting Busch Gardens Christmas Town is a must! There is so much it has to offer that you may not be able to experience them all, but whatever you do experience will be memorable for years to come!


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