Frosty Snow Ice Cream

I have so many childhood memories that I often share with my children. The memories are often shared through stories, but there are occasions that I’m able to bring my childhood memories to life with my kids by providing them with an experience of what I had growing up. There are places that I went as a child and when I have the opportunity, I revisit those same places with my kids. There are activities that I will do with them because I enjoyed them as a young girl. This past Christmas, they even received some nostalgic toys I found at a craft store that I wanted them to try out. So far, they have been enjoying them.

My kids enjoy hearing my stories about being in the kitchen with my mom and dad. What they love the most is when I make those foods with them! I love this, too! I think it’s important for my children to learn about my childhood experiences, as they create memories of their own. Perhaps one day, they will share their memories with others that will include parts of my childhood, as well as theirs. I believe these generational stories are so important to my family’s culture.
Growing up, I really enjoyed snow days! It was so exciting to play in the snow with my family and the kids in the neighborhood! I remember one big snow storm when we made an igloo that was so much fun to play in. One of the activities I looked forward to was making snow ice cream with my dad. When he heard on the news that snow was coming, he would place a metal pot out in the backyard. When it would get filled up, he would bring it in and make snow ice cream with me and my siblings.
My dad enjoyed making foods in the kitchen, but he never used a recipe. He would just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I remember exactly how we made the ice cream, but I didn’t have a clue on the measurements. For the first time, I had to figure out measurements so I could share this cool recipe with you and so my kids would know how to make it without me. I’ve made snow ice cream before with my three older kids when they were much younger, but this was the first time Ayden had a chance to make the frosty treat. Would you like to know how we made it?


  • 6 c. of fresh snow (have extra on hand just in case you need to add more)
  • 1 c. of milk (I used 1 % milk)
  • ½ c of white sugar
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla

I used a metal bowl to collect the fresh snow and a metal bowl for making the ice cream. The metal bowl works best because it keeps your ice cream cold so it doesn’t melt as fast (If you don’t have a metal bowl, feel free to use a metal pot like my dad did.) Make sure you keep some extra snow close by to add to your ice cream if it melts quickly.

This is an easy recipe for the kids to make with little supervision. I set out all the ingredients and proper measuring utensils. I wasn’t quite sure on the measurements, so we just started off with an amount and added a bit at a time until we reached the desired consistency. We probably ended up using about 7 cups of snow because we wanted it to be frostier than wet. Feel free to add an extra spoon of sugar and an extra splash of vanilla until you achieve your desired taste – just like my dad used to. He had a sweet tooth, so he would just pour the sugar in until he felt it would be sweet enough! I’m not suggesting you do that, though!

My dad probably wasn’t thinking about all the skills we were building making snow ice cream — to him it was just good old-fashioned fun! It’s most definitely a wonderful experience, but it’s more than that. Making ice cream from snow was not only a food activity, but a science experiment. The kids were amazed how we turned snow into ice cream. Since we were dealing with measurements, it also made it a math lesson. Not only were my kids practicing math, but so was I because I had to figure out the right measurements to create a recipe. For younger children, it is a great activity for developing fine and gross motor skills! And almost any activity you do with kids build their language and vocabulary skills!
We didn’t have any ice cream add-ins, except some red jimmies left over from baking Christmas cookies, so we used those for the topping. Mikayla suggested adding in mini-chocolate chips – that would have been tasty! I wish I also had some coconut milk because I love coconut ice cream, and I bet that would have been delicious in the ice cream.

We stored the ice cream in a plastic bowl with a tight-fitting lid and it was enjoyed by the kids for a few days. Freezing it did change the texture of the ice cream, but it didn’t prevent my daughter from eating it up for her after school treat! Mikayla is hoping it will snow again so we can make another batch!

When the weather forecasters predict snow, grab your bowl (or pot) and stick it outside, and your family will be in for a COOL treat!!! Do you have any ideas on what flavor(s) you would try? We would love to try those out, too!


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