Ayden’s “Snow” Art

Ayden has been learning a lot about snow through playing in it, making snow ice cream, looking at winter picture cards, and reading books. To extend his learning about the white, fluffy stuff, I thought it would be nice for him to create some artwork.  His sisterMikayla loves arts and crafts just as much as he does and was more than happy to supervise all the activities. She is such a great help! All these activities build fine motor, language, and cognitive skills. Check out the fun he had!

Mosaic Snowman

Before Ayden did this craft, we talked about the building of a snowman using a picture card. This picture card is from Baby Einstein: Nature Discovery Cards collection, which I had since Donté was a toddler and used for all four of my children. One side of the card is a nature picture, and on the other side are facts to increase the child’s learning. It’s an activity that can be done with young children starting from infancy.


The white paper squares and snowman pieces were already cut out by his sisters, so Ayden simply had to glue the pieces onto the blue paper, which had a snowman outlined on it. Even when there’s no snow outside, he can make a snowman!


Falling Snow Tree

When it snows, we love to look outside at the snow falling. We especially like how the snow falls and covers the trees in our backyard and glistens in the sun.  To depict what we see on a snow day in real-life, Ayden painted this scene. He put his fine motor skills to use by painting the tree trunk following the outline I made onto the paper.  He used a circle sponge paintbrush for the falling snow. To give his tree a little sparkle, he sprinkled on light blue glitter.


Snowball Fight

Ayden enjoys a little snowball fight with his siblings! So, why not create a picture of one?  To create this piece of art, he stamped the bottom of paper towel tubes into white paint and then onto the blue paper to create snowballs. To give his picture some texture, he glued on some white circle cut-outs. Better watch out because he is ready for his next snowball fight!

Melted Snowmen

Ayden was excited about this picture – he thought it was quite funny that he would create snowmen that melted from the sun! After covering his paper with white paint, he placed the extra snowmen paper pieces onto the wet paint wherever he wanted. He sprinkled on some silver glitter because real snow glistens. To top it off, he glued on a yellow circle to show how his snowmen melted.


Ayden is interested in weather which made this a perfect learning opportunity for him. He understands that when it’s sunny outside, the snow and any snow creations made out in the backyard by him and his siblings will eventually melt.

Blizzard of the Year

Do you remember the blizzard of ’96? I do. During our last snow fall, I showed my kids a picture of that blizzard. They were like, “Wow!”  I went back to my younger days and told them about my experience of that great snow fall. They were amazed to hear how we were “snowed in” for days. But the exciting part of the story was when I told them about all the fun we had in the snow, such as building igloos that lasted for days. I told them it would be fun for them to experience a blizzard one day, though I’m sure many adults would disagree with me on that!

To create a blizzard scene, we just gathered up white pieces of scrap materials that we found in the house. Materials such as paper, paper towel, tissue, napkins, cotton, Q-tips, and gauze are fun to use. I talked about how a lot of snow falling from the sky can create a wild blizzard or snowstorm.  I explained that during a winter storm, snow is everywhere just like the white scraps of material on Ayden’s paper.20180126_115152.jpgDon’t you love how art can help children learn about real-life? What are some ways that your children learn through art?




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