How My Family Unwinds After a Long Day

*Disclosure: My family received products from Adagio Teas to try out in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are of our own.

Being a family of six, our days can be pretty busy. From Larry’s and my being working parents to the kids going to school, extracurricular activities for the kids, errands to run, appointments to keep, church services to attend, fun places to visit, and anything else that keeps my family outside the home, our days can be pretty long. Some of the outside activities are enjoyable, while some you wish you didn’t have to do. Either way, it’s a pleasure to return back home.

When we’re all home, there’s still much to do. I take a few minutes to talk with my kids about their day and any updates they want to share with me. They may have to complete homework, work on a special project, study for a test, and complete their evening chores.

I do make it my priority to sit down for about 10-15 minutes and catch my breath. I usually have a cup of hot coffee to help get me through the rest of the day, but since I’ve been trying to cut back on coffee, I’ve been drinking hot tea. I have some new, wonderful flavors of teas that have just enough caffeine in them to give me that extra boost. Those great tasting teas include CoconutHazelnut, Scottish Breakfast, and Darjeeling. Having a cup of tea is my perfect way to de-stress, shake off what occurred during the day, and get myself in a better mood to tend to my family. It’s really important to me to leave the outside world outside so I can focus on what matters most — my family.


I can’t sit for long because there are things to do! Ayden, he wants all of my attention. And why not? We haven’t seen each other all day! If it’s an evening that we are having leftovers for dinner, I manage to do a few fun activities with him. But, usually, you can find me in the kitchen cooking while he goes to play with his toys.

Once dinner is over, I continue with my responsibilities of running a household (making sure kids finish homework, complete evening chores, get baths or showers, prep for the next day, etc.). That in itself is hectic! Larry gets home just in time for dinner, but right after, he’s doing things that need to get done around the house such as taking out the trash, mopping floors, ironing clothes, and writing a shopping list. Busy, busy, busy. But no matter what our long day involves, it’s such a relief when we can all finally relax in the evening!

Here are some of the ways we like to unwind at the end of the day:

Donte sometimes has a cup of hot Chamomile tea. He says it’s calming. On several nights, I’ve found him in the kitchen with the lights dimmed, sitting in peace and quiet, in his little corner at the counter playing his video game, sipping on his favorite caffeine-free tea which is a blend of herbs, fruits, and spices. It’s cute to see. I try not to disturb his peace and keep my words few.


He prefers tea bags — he’s not interested in dealing with the loose leaf tea that we have. His tea making is a quick and effortless process of putting a cup of water in the microwave to heat and let his tea bag steep as he plays his games.

(His chamomile tea also has some very helpful benefits. He recently developed a stye on his eye, and he used the tea bag to reduce the puffiness on his eye. In addition, my daughter’s upset stomach was soothed after a cup of hot chamomile tea.)

Kaiya enjoys reading and watching YouTube videos, so you will often find her laying across her bed with a good book or laptop on most nights. Some evenings, she will be absorbed in one of her DIY projects or relaxing on the sofa watching a good show on TV with Mikayla.


Mikayla loves art! It has always been her favorite way of relaxing in the evening. From painting to drawing, coloring, or doing a craft project, she’s in her creative zone. She also enjoys watching her favorite TV shows as her way to chill.


Kaiya and Mikayla like to drink tea to relax as well. They are more open to a variety of flavors and herbal blends, and if it’s caffeine free, they are more than welcome to make them a cup of the various kinds I have in the cabinet. With the new gourmet blends we’ve got, the girls have been trying different flavors and are enjoying all of them. One of their favorites is the Fairytale Tea, and it’s the perfect way to end their evening and allow for sweet dreams. They appreciate the taste (and aroma) of fruit, mint, and chamomile. It’s a lovely tea for the lovely girls they are!20180216_195339.jpg


20180215_213900.jpgUnlike their brother, they enjoy my tea-making process of boiling water in a teapot on the stove and measuring out the loose leaf tea into the tea infuser. I taught them how to safely make tea this way, but they tend to use the microwave to heat their water. However they make their tea, drinking a cup at night brings a calmness to them.20180216_195427.jpgAyden is full of energy! Well, most four-year-old boys are! He sometimes reminds me of a busy buzzing bee, and if he’s had his full two-hour nap at school, his energy level is at the max. My old self struggles to keep up with him at times. I love his energy and being around him, but secretly, after a while, I am counting down to his bedtime. Once he has his warm bath, he’s calm. And after he’s had a light snack, he’s ready to cuddle up on the bed with me to read a few books, sing a couple of songs, recite the Lord’s Prayer, and exchange sweet kisses! He’s so relaxed that I know sleep will follow.


Larry will enjoy a cup of Decaf Earl Grey tea while cutting out and/or organizing coupons, checking out deals from one of his online coupon groups, flipping through circulars, and writing out his shopping list. He takes his couponing seriously, and it’s a lot of work. You really need to have patience with couponing because the tasks involved can be very stressful, so drinking this tea helps ease the craziness that comes with couponing. The bergamot aroma of the Decaf Earl Grey tea alone can soothe your mind.


The Earl Grey tea is one of my favorites as well, so I may enjoy the same or my newfound favorite Decaf Hazelnut Cinnamon Creme while I work on my blog. Sometimes I just want to relax and catch up on a television show or get some reading done. This Hazelnut tea is warm and soothing, and the scent of cinnamon and hazelnut is just comforting.


For my family, that evening cup of tea is our perfect way of calming our busy and hectic lives of long school days and homework, chores, working, running a household and more.


4 thoughts on “How My Family Unwinds After a Long Day

  1. Johanna says:

    What a timely post! I just had a conversation with Paul’s daughters (17 & 19) last night, the older one is a freshman in college and announced that she gave up coffee in favor of tea while the younger one added that she did the same and both explained that they prefer the flavors as well as the fact that caffeine free teas are really calming after a long day. That conversation as well as your post has convinced me that I need to drink more tea. Thanks!

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