The Eagles Win! — It Was More than Winning the Super Bowl Championship

The Philadelphia Eagles’ winning the Super Bowl LII was not just a win for me — it had a much deeper meaning. Philadelphia has been my home all my life. And we’d never won the Super Bowl, so this victory was great for my hometown in many ways. But this is not the focus of this blog.

The win was one of those moments where I was able to take something from the event and look at it in a different light and see how it related to my personal life and my walk with God. I guess it’s how I internalized it and my perspective on life. You, too, can take this story and apply it to your own personal and spiritual life. For me, the events leading up to the Eagles’ winning and even the victory parade is a story of love, unity, faith, hope, and perseverance. It’s also about overcoming obstacles, roadblocks, setbacks, criticism, lack of support, and the haters. And lastly, this story is about getting the victory!



To express how the Philadelphia Eagles victory relates to my life and how it can possibly relate to yours, I will list some of my thoughts and observations of the event to show the comparisons.

I’m not really a football fan. I don’t even have a clue what’s going on during the game. To me, it has always been just a bunch of men knocking each other down and tackling over a football. To be honest, I didn’t even watch the whole game on Super Bowl Sunday. I preferred to watch my Sunday night favorite, Victoria, on Masterpiece from 9-10, entertainment I do understand, so that’s what I did.

Yup! I left my family down in the living room watching the Super Bowl, but I kept listening for that sound of victory, so I could join them in their cheers. I was able to join them again, just in time to see the Philly Special and feel my heart beating fast during those last two minutes of the game. I just wanted the Philadelphia Eagles to win because it was going to be a blessing for my city. A city that not too many people like and care about. We would finally be able to say we won the Super Bowl.

The perseverance of the team teaches all of us a lesson, young and old, educated or uneducated, and spiritual or non-spiritual. It teaches us that if we don’t give up, we can overcome and have the victory over things in our lives….school, work, marriage, relationships, children, family life, finances, our own businesses, physical health, mental health, spirituality, etc. It took the Eagles 52 years to win, but they kept playing, kept fighting, and they never gave up.

Sometimes what we want may take a long time to come, may seem like forever, but the Eagles proved that we can have the victory over any obstacles in our lives, but we have to be willing to wait for it….no matter how long it takes. And in our waiting, what are we going to do? The Eagles prayed, ministered to others, turned their lives over to Him, and they showed love and gave back to the community in various ways. 

We can’t just sit there, but we have to be doing something — something to help ourselves or maybe others who are going through hard times. We have to be working on whatever it is we’re trying to achieve or overcome or fight through to help ourselves. “Faith without works is dead.” Of course we do have to pray and have faith. Prayer is the answer to life’s situations, and faith is the key to unlock the door, but the part that could be missing is the works. This makes me realize I have some growing to do. I have work to do.


What are we doing to help our situations? Are we looking for others to solve our problems or do “the work” for us? If so, we will be disappointed. I know that from personal experience. I’ve acknowledge that others don’t know how to solve my problems or make me win. Why? Because they are not God. Plain and simple. God is the one that can do it all, and He wants to be the one to get the honor for doing so. Now, this doesn’t mean people can’t help, because they can…if they know how. Many times, they don’t. But, you see, with the Eagles, time after time, they “failed,” when in reality, God was preparing them for the big win!

What else can we do while we wait for our victory? We have to have hope and rely on God. In addition, appreciate those who truly love us and mean well. That took some time for me to do because I felt like most people couldn’t care less and didn’t want to help me. I’ve found that to not be true. It may be true for the haters, but not true for those who love me. I had to stop assuming that my loved ones knew what I was going through, that they can read my mind and my heart, that they knew how to help me or solve my problem. They are human just like me. And humans don’t have it all. I’ve learned that I should actively seek help because people don’t know what I need or how to help me — especially if I never tell them. The Eagles team players turned to each other for help and it made them a stronger team.

I understand that some loved ones saw me as the one they shouldn’t bother or say anything to because I might get offended or upset. I’ve learned that my body language and facial expressions told others to stay away from me and not to talk to me. Even though that’s not what I wanted. It was more so a guard I had up, not wanting others to think I was weak and I was concerned about them judging me. It was also about me not trusting people with my personal life because some people talk too much and can’t keep things to themselves.

When I began to open up to others they were able to offer support in the best way they could. I accepted the fact that they did what they could do to help me, and for the most part, it was lending their listening ears, offering words of encouragement, praying for me, providing other ways to assist depending on the situation, and acknowledging that was all they could do for me. That’s it? Yes. Was that good enough for me? Sometimes it wasn’t because I felt my situation was so big and I wanted an instant solution. With maturity, I realized that instant solutions are not always realistic. I did learn that I can get through anything and overcome because of God. That’s it. I no longer look for others to do it for me. I am wiser now and have a closer relationship with God than I had 10 or 20 years ago. I know it has to be Him and all Him. Just like it was He who made the Eagles win possible.

But wait, there are other things you could do in your waiting and, of course, it all varies on the person or the situation. It could be counseling, reading the Bible or an inspirational book for encouragement, going to church, going out to socialize and have fun with other people, fighting through the negative thoughts and feelings that come, facing your fears, and so many other things you can try. I know it’s easier said than done, but God gave us will-power to do some things ourselves, so let’s use it. If we take one step, God will take two. Show Him you are trying to help yourself.


The Eagles team suffered several setbacks during the season, one was quarterback Carson Wentz’s getting injured to the extent that he couldn’t play for the remainder of the season. He had to be replaced with backup quarterback Nick Foles. Nick Foles led the team to victory and is now considered the Most Valuable Player. In life, we will have setbacks, but keep in mind, God always has a plan. We may not know what the plan is and when it will all come into fruition, but He always steps in just when we need Him most.

In the case of the Eagles, you might ask, “Why did the right time take 52 years?” I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. What matters is they won. One day you will win the battle of life that you are fighting. And when it seems like you keep falling, God will pick you up at the right time. You may ask yourself, “Well, where is He? I’m going through so many trials and have so many problems — where is my saving?” His time is not like our time. His ways are not like ours. These tests of life are come to make us strong. Later, you will be able to encourage others who may be going through a tough time or a similar situation.

I would assume that after not winning the Super Bowl for so many years, the Eagles team thought it would never happen. After all, they are human. After not winning, year after year after year after year…they probably felt discouraged. But they never gave up and that’s what makes them champions for real.


Then you have the negativity coming from all over the place. As Jason Kelce so well stated during his speech at the championship parade, the coach and all the team members had something bad said about them. The coach was rated as the worst coaching hire. Players were said to either be too old, didn’t have what it takes, couldn’t cover, was too small, was too slow, had anxiety, not good enough, couldn’t stay healthy, couldn’t block, couldn’t fit the scheme, couldn’t catch, and the list went on. “It’s the whole team! It’s the whole team!” he shouted.

Shucks! The Philadelphia Eagles were just doomed. But not so. Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. So what they don’t like us? So what they don’t care about us? After all the negativity and all the years of “failing,” God was just setting it up for Sunday, February 4, 2018. We all know it was God. God gets the glory in it all because, without His help and without His stepping in, the Eagles would have failed. Coach Doug Pederson said it himself. He gave the honor to God. He knew if it wasn’t for Him, it would have been another loss. The players on the team thanked and glorified God as well…on national television.

Does this mean the Philadelphia Eagles had nothing to do with the win? Well, I wouldn’t say that. God uses people to do what needs to be done. He gave the Eagles the will to win, and they did. They believed and had faith and God gave them the strength and ability to play well that day. He gave them the wisdom to do a Philly Special. God allowed them to be great. He allowed them to soar high like the Eagles they are! I love them for their determination and will always be an Eagles fan because of who they are and what winning the 52nd Super Bowl meant to me.


Don’t give up the fight. No matter how hard the fight is. No matter how long it takes. Be encouraged.

Are you going through a battle? If so, hang on in there! And what will you do while you wait for your victory?



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