Meet the Creator & Editor

Meet the Creator


My name is Chantae Brabham, and I’ve been born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am excited about being the creator of this fun and informational blog. I’ve been married to a wonderful husband for 17 years. My husband Larry is my long-time friend and has always been my biggest supporter. We are blessed to be the parents of four amazing children who keep us quite busy.  I have two boys: Donté is 14 and Ayden is four. I also have two girls: Kaiya is 13 and Mikayla is 11. My older children are planning to contribute to this blog once in awhile, so be on the lookout for their work. You can learn more about them on the “Meet the Players” page.

I graduated from Grand Canyon University where I received my B.S. degree in Sociology. I think it’s important to mention that my degree includes 32 credits in Early Childhood Education. I am part-time Director of a small nonprofit after-school/summer camp program that serves children ages 3-13. I have 12 years of work experience in the field of Child and Family Development. My professional experience prior to that was in Business Administration. I have a wide range of skills including teaching children, providing parenting education, social services, home visiting, fatherhood initiatives, recruitment, providing resources and referrals, leadership, planning family-oriented trips and events, and customer service.

Here are some of the things I enjoy:

  • Spending quality time with my family
  • Being active at my church
  • Baking, cooking, and trying new recipes
  • Searching on Pinterest for new ideas to try
  • Traveling near, far, and wide
  • Beaches and nature parks
  • Entering and winning contests
  • Planning and organizing activities, events, and trips for my family and friends
  • Capturing my family’s moments on camera and sharing them with others
  • Learning and discussing topics related to children and families
  • Sharing helpful tips and resources
  • Encouraging and inspiring others, especially parents
  • Taking advantage of teachable moments for children and adults
  • Watching children learn through play and their experiences

I created this blog as an outlet for me to incorporate all of my interests, while having it compiled in one place, in hopes of inspiring other families. I am very excited about sharing stories and pictures about my family that plays. I hope you will enjoy reading them! Feel free to contact me at

Meet the Editor

2016090595154720.jpgIn helping to realize my vision for this blog, I recruited the help of my youngest sister, Sharee, who is the site and content editor. A junior at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, she studies literature, global journalism, culture, and the arts in regions across the globe and is close to receiving her minor in Spanish language and culture. She has worked as an international newswriter for Voice of America as well as Editorial Assistant for the literary magazine Painted Bride Quarterly and The 33rd Anthology. Sharee also has experience in writing for and editing a student-run blog and has had two of her essays published. Along with these things, Sharee has a great love for family, quality time, cooking and baking, singing gospel music, and all things Jane Austen. Finally, she is a great asset to this blog.



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